BYO Jeopardy…Palliative Care: It makes you feel better

BYO Jeopardy
Palliative Care: It makes you feel better

Want to have some fun at your next lecture on Palliative Care?  Use or adapt my jeopardy game, Palliative Care: it makes you feel better.  No seriously, go right now and search on #40860.  In this very well designed web site, you can build a jeopardy board to teach the pearls of your discipline in an interactive, fun format. (Or use it for family trivia night during the upcoming holidays).


I tried this on Internal Medicine fellows.  Internal Medicine fellows are often too busy for a 1:00 PM didactic teaching session.  It could have been hard group to please.  But the evaluations were high, with “Excellent”, “Liked the game style, involved all the fellows”, “Enjoyed the interactive presentation, very fun presentation”, and “Great interactive session about palliative care”.  High fives all around.

Another thing?  I had fun. 

I shared Harlan Krumholz’ A Note to My Younger Colleagues…Be Brave, and the Heart Rhythm Consensus statement on discontinuation of therapies, and Joan Teno’s work on dementia and feeding tubes and readmission.  Of course, I included the Temel study on the survival benefit of early palliative care in lung cancer.  I hoped they understood that behind each of those jeopardy boxes was an answer that challenged dogma.

You will want to adapt it to your own personality  and pearls as you will find out when you select Palliative Surgery for $100, or try to answer the daily double.  But your heart might warm, as mine did, when the answer under “UIHC policies for $500” is “ A good idea”, and one Internal Medicine Fellow said “Get a Palliative Care consult”.