Men’s love for their mothers


I have been struck this week by the loving attentiveness of men toward their mothers.  My mother has always downplayed Mother’s Day as a Hallmark invention.  (My own children feel that this is the day that I should prove greatness by making them breakfast.)

This year has been a tough one for my Mom-a complicated knee surgery and worsening macular degeneration.  She continues to live alone in her dream home that she and Dad built in the 1970’s.  My brother looked ahead and decided that a 10 day trip from Arizona to New Hampshire would include Mother’s  Day.   During our 3 way phone calls together, it is clear that her frustration level is low, the humor is high, and while he is deferential in important matters, he pokes fun when he can. He is walking shoulder to shoulder with her– day in, day out,– during a tough time.  What love.

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